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Getting Started

Getting Started with VisaPortal

Last updated on February 16, 2022

This guide will give you insight on how to sign in and start using your Client Portal.

We offer several different products, each product often having a different onboarding process. All the common steps to onboarding are found here under the "General" section.


Account Setup

All tools are now available through a centralized portal experience.


If you need help gaining access, please email our team at

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Once you have created a password, you will be prompted to pay as a subscriber. All fees are provided at account creation.

You can always get back to the login page in the future by going to the "Login" tab on to access our standard login page

If you have any issues with the login experience, please contact our team at

Once you have logged in, you should have access to a dashboard similar to the one below. Refer to our "Client Portal" section to learn more about the general functions of our Client Portals.

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Note that you can easily request assistance or provide feedback from the main dashboard.