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Dashboard Experience

VisaPortal Dashboard, Data, and Adding Users

Last updated on February 16, 2022


Once you have signed in, you will see a left hand navigation bar as well as a user account tab in the top right.

As of 10/15/21, the entire user experience has been updated. See the video below for a tutorial on the new user experience.


Actions and Data:


In the dashboard home page, each available tool (we call them *actions*) will be available in a card-like format.

To run the different tools, you simply click "Launch" as seen below.

The "10" in the top right of the example below represents the number of saved sessions that the user can return to if they so choose.

Notion image


Each portal is structured differently, but some portals retain data for the user to access or review at a later date.

The data tables allow for users to download, upload, edit, or delete any cell of data. Users can also delete an entire row of data if needed.

The rows of data can be sorted, filtered, or deleted based on the user's needs.

Notion image

Expanding Data from Dashboard

See the snippet below for details on viewing database entries in a user-friendly format.


Adding Additional Users

When creating an account, you only have the ability to add a single user. However, if you would like to add additional users to your company database, contact