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Visalaw.Bot - An Introduction

Goals of Visalaw.Bot for law firms

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Welcome to VisalawBot, the custom web bot for immigration law firms.  We have a few brief articles and videos to help you get started.

If you have additional questions, you can send them to our team at

The Primary Components of the Bot are Provided Below:


1. Appointment Scheduling

The bot allows for dynamic appointment booking within the chat window.  This allows users to select an attorney, date, and time of an appointment.


2. Collect Payment

This optional feature allows for the law firm to collect payment for the appointment prior to booking.


3. Pre-built Immigration Logic

Our bot has pre-built logic that spans all immigration practice areas.  The categories are Business, Humanitarian/Court, Family, Naturalization, Healthcare, Student/Researcher, Startup/Entrepreneur.

This logic allows a law firm to screen new potential clients for eligibility and streamline the client appointment process. It also provides a law firm the opportunity to move into new specialty areas or train new attorneys. Lastly, it helps eliminate any human bias in the early stages of client onboarding.


4. Master Flow and Custom Flows

There is now advanced functionality called the Master Flow.  This functionality allows for a law firm to change the order of various blocks and essentially create their own custom bot.  In addition, we have also created the ability for those on the business plan to create their own custom flows, or custom questions and logic.


5. FAQs

The FAQs are on the initial screen and can be customized to include any information or links that are best suited for the law firm.


6. Live Chat Integration (Optional)

VisalawBot does not have built in live chat.  We allow for users to bring their own live chat.  We can easily integrate with any product you are currently using for live chat.