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STEM OPT Assistant - Getting Started

Getting started with the STEM OPT Assistant.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

There are three main functions of the STEM OPT Assistant.


1. Eligibility analysis - Both the student and employer complete an assessment to determine whether the student, employer, and job opportunity are eligible for a STEM OPT extension. Both parties are informed of the results of these assessments and are provided with student and employer eligibility reports


2. Training plan creation - Once both the student and employer have been deemed eligible through the STEM OPT Assistant's eligibility analysis, each party will run an app that collects information needed to complete the I-983 Training Plan. When the second part completes their training plan questions app, the training plan will be generated. It will automatically be emailed to both the student and employer, and it will be available in both portals.


NOTE: USCIS requires wet signatures on the I-983. Therefore, the document must be printed and signed by all parties


3. Upload and send signed I-983 - Once the I-983 has been signed, the student runs an app that uploads and stores the document in the client portals. The student is given the option to automatically send the signed I-983 to the DSO. If the student does not choose to do this s/he will need to separately e-mail the signed I-983 to the DSO.