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STEM Account Types

The different account types for the STEM OPT Assistant.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

Portal Account Types (STEM)


Employer Portal - Subscription

There are two types of subscription-based employer portals - the master portal and department/sub-account portal. The master portal will be able to view all information and training plan processes for any sub-accounts, while sub-account portals will only be able to view information and training plan processes associated with that sub-account. The master account can also add and remove sub-accounts.  The sub-accounts can also be associated with subsidiary companies.

All portal subscriptions have two sections - Training Plan Stems and Employer Profile. The Training Plan steps contain apps and information involved in the training plan process. To run the eligibility analysis and training plan creation apps, the employer selects a student from the database row and launches the app from the drop down menu.

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The Employer Profile section contains information about the company / institution and departments. This section also contains the app that allows the master account to add new sub-accounts

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Employer Portal - Single Use

This version of the employer portal only contains a Training Plan Steps section. In this version, apps are launched from cards at the top of the portal. Information and documents related to the training plan process are still displayed in tables in the portal.


Student Portal

The student portal is very similar to the single use employer portal. It also contains a single section with apps and information related to the training plan creation process.

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