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Public Access File Manager - Overview

Overview of the Public Access File process

Last updated on February 16, 2022



The Public Access file portal has three primary steps.


1. Post the Draft LCA posting summary (digital or physical posting)

  • Create the posting summary.
  • Upload the posting summary.
  • Create a unique id for the employee.

2. Generate the Public Access File

  • Upload the Prevailing Wage Data.
  • Complete survey and autofill functions.
  • E-sign docs
  • Completed PAF docs added to portal dashboard.

3. Add the Signed, Certified LCA

  • Upload Certified LCA.
  • Notify employee(s)
  • Track expiration dates.

There are additional tasks to be completed as part of the Public Access File process, but any additional steps have been incorporated into these three which you will see on your Dashboard.