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Job Profiles

Learn how to setup Job Profiles for the Public Access File.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

The Job Profiles functionality allows users to autofill fields in Step 2. These profiles are customized at the job position level.

Creating Job Profiles:

To create a Job Profile, go to the "PAF Employer Info" page and select "Create Job Profile."

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Once you have completed the survey, you can edit your Job Profile or Create Another Job Profile at any time.

Using Job Profiles:

To use a Job Profile, select " and select the appropriate Job Profile when completing Step 2. The information will then autofill.

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Editing Job Profiles:

To edit a Job Profile, scroll to the bottom of the "PAF Employer Info" page. See video below for additional instructions.


Company-Wide Auto-Fill:

There are certain fields that are automatically fillable at the company level. Below are the fields your team can auto populate in the "PAF Employer Info" page.

  • Bargaining Representative
  • H-1B Dependent
  • Willful Violator
  • Single Employer