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Electronic Bulletin Board & Posting

Understand how to post the Posting Summary electronically using the portal.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

Electronic Bulletin Board

The posting action will automatically post the document for you and make it accessible to employees for 10 business days. The posting or 'public link' is automatically created when you create your account.

You can see where to access the link below. It can be added to your company or firm's intranet. It just needs to be accessible for all employees.

NOTE: You can find the public link to the Employee-Facing Page in two different places:

1. Running the "*Retrieve Public Link - Electronic Posting*" tool

2. The link will also be provided in your portal database:

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Electronic Posting


The first step is to post the LCA. Our tool generates a document called the LCA Posting Summary. Alternatively, you can post the document provided by your law firm.

NOTE: The electronic posting tool is optional. If your organization is still meeting in-person and prefers to post physically, this is allowable.

If you post the Posting Summary physically at the worksite, you will begin at Step 2: Build Public Access File.