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Learn how to turn on the auto purge functionality for outdated Public Access Files.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

AutoPurge allows a company account to automatically remove outdated Public Access Files. These files are to be purged one year after the LCA expires. The portal now has a process by which companies can turn on this functionality.

Requirement: Include the LCA Expiration date in Step 3.

Companies need to complete Step 3 and add the LCA Expiration Date in order to take advantage of this functionality.

Turn-On/ Turn-Off AutoPurge:

To turn on AutoPurge, navigate to the "PAF Employer Info" page. There is a selection titled "Automatically Remove PAFs." Once this select is changed to "True," the entire row of LCA/PAF data will be removed one year after the LCA has expired. You can navigate to the same location at any time to turn off this feature.

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